One of the most important words in Community Media Day is COMMUNITY. Here are a few community-focused projects that integrate this beautiful thing we do called media which will most certainly get your community members excited and want to learn more about Community Media.


  • Partner with Free Speech Week. Free Speech Week (FSW) is a yearly event to raise public awareness of the importance of free speech in our democracy- and to celebrate that freedom. As freedom of speech is a right all American’s share, this non-partisan, non-ideological event is intended to be a unifying celebration. Community Media Day will always fall on October 20, which will almost always fall during Free Speech Week. Community Media Day is a Free Speech Week partner and you should be too. 

  • Make a video to help celebrate Community Media Day.

  • Do a specific project— a 60 second film project with the youth at your access center.

  • Get a proclamation (Click Get A Proclamation below for more details!)

  • Host an open house at your space to help Community Media Day.

  • Give tours of our media center on Community Media Day so that your constituents are invited in and know more about the wonderful work that you do.

  • Show the premiere of a film, short, or TV show that airs on your channels on the day.

  • There are lot of seniors who want to learn technology but just don’t know how to start or think it’s scary. You can host a technology day for the seniors within your community.

  • A special event project that takes place on Community Media Day.

  • Testimonials from community members or constituents who support the work that you do. Testimonials from folks who support your work in the community.

  • Spearheading a project with your community garden that gets filmed for air on your channels.

  • Get a pledge from organizations in honor of Community Media Day that will help support your media center in FY2019.

  • You could use Community Media Day as a fundraising tool to help support your media center throughout FY2019.

  • Have an idea that's not listed here? Please email or call the Community Media Day team at 1020@communitymediaday.com or 315.888.1020 and we'll make sure that it gets added to the celebration ideas list.