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We're excited about Community Media Day and know that you are too. This handy video toolkit will make it easy for you to let the folks in your state, town, city, or borough know what you're doing to celebrate Community Media Day. 


@Celebrate1020  |  #CommunityMediaDay

WHEREAS, the sharing of ideas and information helps to build common understanding and common values within a community; and


WHEREAS, access to information in today’s media environment is critical for the healthy functioning of our community; and

WHEREAS, community media organizations provide a means for diverse communities to tell their stories, hear each other’s stories, and create new stories together; and

WHEREAS, community media organizations provide information to the community that is not covered by mainstream commercial media; and

WHEREAS, community media organizations provide people with the skills necessary for the creation, sharing, and consumption of knowledge and ideas through media; and

WHEREAS, community media is an important resource for participating in local democratic policy and processes; and

WHEREAS, community media connects community organizations, schools, and local governments to their constituents; and

WHEREAS, in many communities, people are not aware of the diverse and valuable programming on public, education, and government access channels or community radio channels; and

WHEREAS, communities will benefit from increased general awareness of, viewing audiences for, and creators of media content created by and for the community;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that October 20, 2018 is hereby proclaimed as Community Media Day within [insert local jurisdiction], and all people are hereby called upon to promote the importance of community media, training available at [organization name], and programming available on [insert name of


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that [name of organization] plays a vital role in the building our community by

encouraging conversations about our common interests, increasing discourse around policy issues, fostering

understanding of local cultures, and sharing information to improve our lives.


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